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“You deserve to feel like you can take on the world and that You Are Worthy- just as you are.”
-Samantha Siffring
How to Prepare for Treatment
How To Prepare
To prepare for ketamine infusions, you need to fast for at least six hours prior to treatment. You must bring someone to sit in with you at the appointment and also have someone drive you home after the appointment. For your body to fully benefit from ketamine infusions, refraining from alcohol and drug use is essential.
Step One
The first step is to work with your  provider to receive a prescription. You may also work with Anthony Browning at Amber Creek Counseling to receive a prescription. He will ensure that your prescription is received by our office.
Step Three
After your treatment, expect a phone call from our office the next day. This call will be to evaluate your response to ketamine, give you the opportunity to provide feedback and also to schedule your next appointment.

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