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Ketamine for Depression, Anxiety and Mood Disorders 

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About Ketamine
For 50 years, ketamine has been used to 
safely start and maintain anesthesia- in 
medical and in veterinary clinics. In recent years, ketamine has been revered for its revolutionary ability to successfully treat depression, anxiety and many common mood disorders. 
Is Ketamine right for me?
Ketamine for Depression

Ketamine may be able to help people successfully manage depression when other treatments have not worked. One likely target for ketamine is NMDA receptors in the brain. By binding to these receptors, ketamine appears to increase the amount of a neurotransmitter called glutamate in the spaces between neurons. Glutamate then activates connections in another receptor, called the AMPA receptor. Together, the initial blockade of NMDA receptors and activation of AMPA receptors lead to the release of other molecules that help neurons communicate with each other along new pathways. Known as synaptogenesis, this process likely affects mood, thought patterns, and cognition. Ketamine also may influence depression in other ways. For example, it might reduce signals involved in inflammation, which has been linked to mood disorders, or facilitate communication within specific areas in the brain. Most likely, ketamine works in several ways at the same time, many of which are being studied.

-Read the full article: Ketamine for major depression; Harvard Medical School

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